1857, King Otto of Greece to National Assembly, Rare Document, Alexandros Koumoundouros


King Otto (Greek: Όθων,  German: Otto Friedrich Ludwig von Wittelsbach; 1815 –  1867) was a Bavarian prince who ruled as King of Greece from the establishment of the Kingdom of Greece on 6 Feb 1832, under the Convention of London, until he was deposed on October 1862.

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Έκθεσις επί του νομοσχεδίου πιστώσεως

εκ δραχμών 10.000 επί του ειδικού πρυπολογισμού

του επί των Εκκλησιαστικών Υπουργείου δια το 1857


Διατεταγμένος υπό του Βασιλέως φέρω εις την συζήτησιν και επιψήφισιν υμών το συναπτόμενον νομοσχέδιονμ καθ¨ ου χορηγείται εις το επί των Εκκλησιαστικών Yπουργείον αναπληρωτική πίστωσις δραχμών 10.000 επί του προυπολογισμού 1857….

O επί των Οικονομικών Yπουργός

Α. Κουμουνδούρος


Εν Αθήναις την 29 Μαίου 1857


Report on the appropriations bill

of 10,000 drachmas on the special budget

for the Ministry of Religious Affairs for 1857


Ordered by the King, I bring to your discussion and vote the concluded bill granting to the Ministry of Religious Affairs an additional credit of 10,000 drachmas on the 1857 budget……

The Minister of Finance

A. Koumoundouros

King Otto…..

Athens, on May 29, 1857

1 Page, 32 cm x 20 cm

Alexandros Koumoundouros (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Κουμουνδούρος, 1815 – 1883) was a Greek politician. Born in Kampos, on the Messenian side of the Mani Peninsula, he was the son of Spyridon-Galanis Koumoundouros, the bey of the area during the last period of the administration of the region by the Ottoman Empire. He was a political personality famous for his work towards national progress, his patriotism and unselfishness, despite him having been in office during a very unsettled period of Greek history.

Original and Authentic Document from 1857!


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