1847, Greece, Orig. Document about Petros Mavromichalis Ioannis Zarkos (1821)


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Original and Authentic Document from 1847

Έκθεσις προς την Βουλή

Η επι του Νομοσχεδίου περί περιθάλψεως του αντιστρατήγου Π. Μαυρομιχάλη Εισηγητική Επιτροπή λαβούσα υπ όψιν το παρά του επί των Εσωτερικών Υπουργού εισαχθέν περί τούτου Νομοσχεδίου, και
Θεωρούσα ότι όχι μόνον καθήκον, αλλά και συμφέρον ενταυτώ, πάσης κοινωνίας είναι το να περιθάλψει τους μετά ζήλον και πατριωτισμού αυτήν υπηρετήσαντας, και μάλιστα όταν ούτοι δια τας προς την πατρίδα παντοίας προσφοράς και πολυειδείς εκδουλεύσεις των ενδεείς εκ πλουσίων κατέστησαν….

Report to the Parliament

The Advisory Committee on the Bill on the treatment of Lt. General P. Mavromichalis took into account the opposition to the Bill introduced by the Minister of the Interior, and
I considered that it is not only a duty, but also an interest in myself, of every society to treat those who are zealous and patriotism by serving it, and especially when, through their constant contribution to the country and multifarious servitudes, the poor became rich…

Athens 7th March 1846

The Commttee

D. Meletopoulos, A. Gouzouasis, A. G. Tzanos, B. P. Dimitrakopoulos, K. Antoniadis

The Presenter I. Zarkos

One Page 29,5cm x 20,5cm

Petros Mavromichalis (Greek: Πέτρος Μαυρομιχάλης; 1765–1848), also known as Petrobey (Greek: Πετρόμπεης [peˈtrobe.is]), was a Greek general, politician and the leader of the Maniot people during the first half of the 19th century. His family had a long history of revolts against the Ottoman Empire, which ruled most of what is now Greece. His grandfather Georgios and his father Pierros were among the leaders of the Orlov Revolt.

Ioannis Zarkos (1810-1888) was a Greek politician of the 19th century.
He was born in Messinia in 1810, and was elected a representative in the National Assembly of 1843, and since then a member of parliament until 1862.

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