SIGNED, Aristides J. Drossos, The Sortie from Missolonghi, First Edition


The Third Siege of Missolonghi was fought in the Greek War of Independence, between the Ottoman Empire  and the Greek rebels, from 15 April 1825 to 10 April 1826. The Ottomans had already tried and failed to capture the city in 1822 and 1823, but returned in 1825 with a stronger force of infantry and a stronger navy supporting the infantry. The Greeks held out for almost a year before they ran out of food and attempted a mass breakout, which however resulted in a disaster, with the larger part of the Greeks slain.


Aristides J. Drossos

The Sortie From Missolonghi


Published by Ar. Papazissis in Athens, Greece in 1960

Signed and Inscribed by the Author

Original Paper Binding

8vo, Pages 176

First Edition


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