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The Anglo-Österreichische Bank (lit. Anglo-Austrian Bank), in shorthand Anglobank, was a bank founded in Vienna in 1863 with an extensive branch network in the Habsburg Monarchy and later in its successor states, primarily Austria and Czechoslovakia. Following the collapse of the monarchy, the Anglobank came under the control of the Bank of England, and in 1921, its head office was moved to London where it was restructured as the Anglo-Austrian Bank. In 1926, it was renamed Anglo-International Bank.

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Einlagsbuch Nr. 42226 der Anglo-Österreichischen Bank

Ausgabestelle: Niederlassung Wien, Wechselhaus

Auszug aus dem Einlags-Kapitalien-Buche

Name des Einlegers: Demetrios Syriopoulos

Einlagedatum 01.09.1923


Deposit book No. 42226 of the Anglo-Österreichische Bank

Issue Office: Vienna Branch

Extract from the deposit capital book

Depositor Name: Demetrios Syriopoulos

Date of deposit: 09.01.1923

Publisher: Vienna, Anglo-Austrian Bank



Original half-cloth

20 Pages + 4 pages Terms and Conditions

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