1940s, Vintage Original Bride Photography by Greek Photographer NELLY’S, Portrait


Rare Find!


Original Bride Photography by Nelly’s 

Greek Lady Portrait

Hand Signed by Nelly’s


Dimension; 28,5cm x 19,5cm

Photo: 17cm x 11,5cm

Black & White


Elli Sougioultzoglou-Seraidari (Greek: Ελλη Σουγιόλτωγλου-Seraidari; 1899 – 1998), better known as Nelly’s, was a Greek female photographer whose pictures of ancient Greek temples set against sea and sky backgrounds helped shaped the visual image of Greece in the Western mind (or, in a critical reading, the West’s visual image of Greece in the Greek mind). There has been some confusion over how exactly she should be referred to. She adopted the diminutive “Nelly” for her professional society portrait work, and its genitive, “Nelly’s”, was incorporated in her decorative studio stamp, but at no time did she refer to herself as Nelly’s; that version of her name was popularized by newspapers at the time of her rediscovery in the 1980s. She is now increasingly referred to, more correctly, as “Elli Seraidari”.

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