2009, Artist Book, LOVE WALLS, MARCO MUCIG, ANNALISA LaPISA Turroni, 1/50 copies


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by Marco Mucig and Annalisa LaPisa Turroni
This is a limited xerox graphic Edition of 50, Printed in Venice, October 2009
Here: Nr.: 35
24 Pages
Self Published
20cm x 14cm (approx. 8inch. x 5,5inch.)
Be quiet please, born in December 2008 to host exhibitions created by friends and acquaintances “in one’s own living room”, thus expanding contact networks. First in Milan and then in Bassano del Grappa, Be quiet please inaugurated its 13th exhibition on Saturday 6 July 2013.  As the curator Marco Mucig tells us: “Independents seemed like a good way to grow our project, and give it a ‘guarantee stamp’. Thanks to ArtVerona we met other independent realities, and we compared each other. For example, the guys from Micro had contacted us again because they were organizing something during the Salone del Mobile. But then we didn’t participate: we like the world of independent publishing, but we still don’t have many editorial projects. Among the useful things, I also trivially remember all the press returns. We had an entire page in the ‘Corriere del Veneto’ and many contacts. But I have to tell you the truth: I expected something more. We are not participating this year. Because being at the fair is a great opportunity, but not having a budget to dedicate to it and not being able to sell, we can’t even think about investing something to cover the expenses. Staying at the fair for 4-5 days is very demanding for an independent. Because in any case you have to pay for the trip and the hotel. Furthermore, the people who come to the fair do not have the same sensitivity as those who come to our exhibitions. We expected greater curiosity. It is true that Independents seeks alternative ways to the concept of an exhibition, but people must be at least a little prepared for something like this. Otherwise they risk considering this section as a ‘series B’ of the fair. In any case, I would say that the experience helped us, if only to question ourselves a little. Because perhaps we needed to have a simpler relationship with the fair, we needed to describe our project more directly. However, there were concrete results. I think for example of the publication created with Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, and I have to tell the truth: we would never have done it without Independents. It was a driving force to bring new energy into play and try something different”

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