Vintage, Original Collectible Silkscreen, Signed and Numbered by Dimitris Milionis


In this particular work, the artist standardizes the anthropomorphic figure by approaching it with a strong abstract mood. He discards clear physiognomic features and focuses his attention on the lips, the primary means of communication. With a simple outline, it formalizes the expression, giving it a lively form.

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Original Vintage Collectible silkscreen


Dimitris Milionis 

Mind Wondering 


Signed and numbered by Dimitris Milionis

Subject dimensions: 34 x 25 cm

Folder: 38cm x 28cm


Dimitris Milionis was born in Sydney, Australia in 1960. In his hometown he took his first lessons in design and wood and metal work (1972-1974). After settling in Greece he studied design, mechanical design and architecture at the Academy of American Community Schools in Athens (1974-1978). He held his first solo exhibition there in 1992, to be followed by other solo and group exhibitions in Greece. He also engaged in photography (since 1974), film production (1979-1980), as well as printmaking and illustration (since 1990). A combination of Greek folk tradition, Byzantine iconography and medieval miniatures, his work creates a distinctly surrealist mix. He lives and works in Athens.

Silkscreen is the exact reproduction of limited copies of an original work. For reproduction, a grid of silk stretched over a frame is used, hence the term Silkscreen, and as many frames are used as the colors of the work. The paper used for the reproduction are handmade cotton 280-300gr Fabriano type. After the end of the reproduction, the crates are destroyed by the painter to ensure the collectability of the work.

The Silkscreens are signed and numbered in pencil by the artist (numbering on the left (Here 23/77 and signature on the right).

Sponsored by American Express Bank in Greece

Probably in the late 90’s

Original Folder 38cm x 28cm (approx. 15inch. x 11inch.)

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