Angelos Sikelianos, Mater Dei, Mitir Theou, Robert Levesque, 1944, Mater Dei, Signed, 1/500 Copies, Albert Bequin


Angelos Sikelianos (Greek: Άγγελος Σικελιανός; 1884 – 1951) was a Greek lyric poet and playwright. His themes include Greek history, religious symbolism as well as universal harmony in poems such as The Moonstruck, Prologue to Life, Mother of God, and Delphic Utterance. His plays include Sibylla, Daedalus in Crete, Christ in Rome, The Death of Digenis, The Dithyramb of the Rose and Asklepius. Although occasionally his grandiloquence blunts the poetic effect of his work, some of Sikelianos finer lyrics are among the best in Western literature. Every year from 1946 to 1951, he was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature


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Άγγελος Σικελιανός

Μήτηρ Θεού

Μετάφραση κειμένου και εισαγωγή από τον Robert Levesque

Με την επιμέλεια του ζωγράφου Σπύρου Βασιλείου


Angelos Sikelianos

Mater Dei

Texte Traduction et Introduction de Robert Levesque

Text Translation and Introduction by Robert LevesqueArtistic Curation by Greek Artist Spyros Vasiliou


Hand Signed and dedicated by Robert Levesque to Albert Beguin

Printed in Athens in 1944 by Alfa I. Skaziki

31cm x 23cm, Original Paper Binding

Artistic Curation by Greek Artist Spyros Vasiliou

One out of 500 Copies. Here: 199

Text in Greek and French

1/500 copies

64 Pages


Robert Levesque, born 1944, is a Canadian journalist, writer and literary critic.

Albert Béguin (1901 – 1957) was a Swiss academic and translator.

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French, Greek

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