ALEKOS FASSIANOS, Original Engraving Youth in Blue, Hand Signed


Original Hand Signed and Numbered!

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Engraving on Linoleum, signed and numbered by Alekos Fassianos

“Blue youth” – Alekos Fassianos, Αλέκος Φασιανός

  • Theme dimensions: 22 cm x 13,5 cm.
  • Paper dimensions: 24,5 cm x 32 cm.

Alekos Fassianos  (Αλέκος Φασιανός, 1935 – 2022) was a renowned Greek painter. He gained recognition for his distinctive style, which was characterized by immediacy and a deliberate departure from standardized painting techniques.

The characteristic artistic style of Alekos Fassianos is formed in the early 60’s. The three main themes during its course are man, nature and the environment.

His study of Greek culture, his involvement with graphic arts and engraving influenced his painting. In his first compositions, the figure of the officer dominates with the inflatable, red cheeks and the fancy ribbons on the uniform. As well as the cartoonishly evocative style. Gradually the forms move and acquire their own life. They become pairs that fill the space as soon as they touch each other. However, they remain united in design in one mass.
  • Engraving is an art form in which the creator carves a design on a surface. This surface is then covered with ink and pressed onto paper. This way, the same design can be reprinted multiple times.
  • Today, the term engraving usually refers to the engraving of designs and symbols on a surface. This surface will then serve as a plate for making paper copies. The work (copy on paper or other medium) created in this way is called engraving.

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