Rare! 1941, Georgios Kasassoglou, Original Music Score, Vyzantini Miniatoura, Angelos Terzakis


Georgios Kasassoglou (1908 – 1984) was a Greek musician and composer. He took violin lessons from B. Skandzourakis at the Hellenic Conservatory and attended theory, composition, history of music and orchestration courses, attending several Conservatories at the same time, which was possible at the time in the classes of M. Kalomiris and Sofia Spanoudi at the National Conservatory, of Marios Varvoglis at the Hellenic Conservatory and of Dimitri Mitropoulos at the Athens Conservatory

Angelos Terzakis (1907 – 3 August 1979) was an important Greek writer of the Generation of the ’30s. He wrote short stories, novels and plays.


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Original Music Score – Music Sheet

Γεώργιος Καζάσογλου

Βυζαντινή Μινιατούρα

Vyzantini Miniatoura 


Georgios Kasassoglou

Byzantine Miniature

Text by Angelos Terzakis


Self Published by the Composer in 1941 in Athens Greece

Pages 4 + Covers

32cm x 24cm (approx. 12,5inch. x 9,5inch.)

Very Scarce and Rarely found in Commerce for Sale!

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