1862, Alexandros Soutsos, Contfrontation between Konstantinos Kanaris and King Otto of Greece, First Edition


Alexandros Soutsos (Greek: Ἀλέξανδρος Σοῦτσος) (1803–1863) was a Greek poet from a prominent Phanariote family. He founded the Greek Romantic school of poetry. Soutsos was born in Istanbul in 1803 from Chian parentage. At the time of the Greek Revolution, he was a young, liberal partisan. He wrote poems to encourage the insurgents. Soutsos studied in Chios, where he spent his formative years. Later he moved to Paris, where he was influenced by the liberal philosophies of the French intellectuals. His major work of prose was the Exóristos (The Exile). His works were instrumental in developing liberal thought in the young Greek monarchy. He was an admirer of Lord Byron. Whose inspiration prompted Soutsos to try to emulate him. The resultant work, was his longest poem Periplanómenos (The Wanderer), in spite of some positive reviews, it never achieved international success. In spite of his lack of artistic respect, he was admired by many of his contemporaries the Greek people admired him for his dedication to freedom, and for his liberal philosophies. He died in Athens in 1863.

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Αλέξανδρος Σούτσος

Η Πυρπόλησις του Συστήματος από τον Κανάρη

I pyrpolisis tou Systimatos apo ton Kanari


Alexanros Soutsos

Κanari’s Burning of the System


Published by S. Pavlidis in Athens in 1862

Without any binding but with original paper wraps

Pages 29

First Rare Edition

20,5cm x 14cm (approx. 8,2inch. x 5,5inch.)



King Otto I, after his coronation, appointed Kanaris first as a 3rd class captain and then as an admiral. After the post-colonization of 1843, Kanaris became Minister of Marines in the government of Andreas Metaxas and then in the government of Ioannis Kolettis. In 1854 he became Minister of Marines in the government of Alexandros Mavrokordatos. Because his ideas became more and more anti-monarchist, in 1861 he refused the pension granted him by the Government. In the summer of 1862, Otto entrusted him with the formation of a government. Kanaris proposed a list of ministers, all of whom held almost revolutionary views, telling Otto that only with such a government and the monarchy would it be possible to save and order in the country to be maintained. But King Otto did not accept and gave the order to Ioannis Kolokotronis. Kanaris joined the opposition and after Otto’s eviction he became a member of the triad led by Dimitrios Voulgaris (along with Benizelos Rufos) that formed a temporary government.

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