Deutsche Meisteraufnahmen, Artisten, 1937, Josef Donderer, Clown Grock, Pola Negri


With photos of  Olvido Perez, Raymond Baird, Dixon and Pal, Paul Kirkland, Hanne Musch, Renita Kramer, Grock, Cilly Hilfet, the Chung Yee Wah Troupe, Italo, Dorothy Crooker, Raimonda Ballet, Ferd Sanborn, Stadler and Rose , Cornell and Graff, Berinoff and Charlott, Emily van Losen, The Scala Girls, Will Morris, The great Yacopis, Pola Negri. All recordings (except plate 9) were made in the Berlin variety theater Scala which was one of the most famous variety stages in Germany from 1920 to 1944. International artists such as the juggler Enrico Rastelli and the clown Grock performed here. The legendary Scala Girls were its in-house dance troupe.

Very Fine Copy!


Josef Donderer (1903-1958)

Deutsche Meisteraufnahmen, Artisten, (Nummer 3)


Published by F. Bruckmann Verlag, München., 1937

2nd Edition

8°, 26 pages,

Original brochure in very good condition

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