Rare! 1864, George Sand, Le Marquis de Villemer, First Edition, First Printing


“On March 1, 1864, in fact, the theatrical event of the year took place: the premiere of the Marquis de Villemer. The Odéon, guarded by police cordons, was stormed by students camped on the square since ten o’clock in the morning. In the room, the stamping, the howling, the applause interrupt the actors. The crowd is overwhelmed. 3,000 to 4,000 people were refused due to lack of space. The imperial family applauds, the emperor cries openly, Flaubert is in tears, Prince Napoleon shouts his enthusiasm. It is a triumph…(Evelyne Bloch-Dano, Le Dernier Amour by George Sand, 2010)

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George Sand

Le Marquis de Villemer



Michel Levy Freres, Paris in 1864

Fine half leather binding

Cover pages included in the binding

165 pages on grand paper

23.5 cm x 15.5 cm

Overall in very good condition

Ex libris Edouard Rastoin

Very rare!


Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin de Francueil (1804 – 1876), best known by her pen name George Sand, was a French novelist, memoirist and journalist. One of the most popular writers in Europe in her lifetime, being more renowned than either Victor Hugo or Honoré de Balzac in England in the 1830s and 1840s,[5] Sand is recognized as one of the most notable writers of the European Romantic era. She wrote more than 50 volumes of various works to her credit, including tales, plays and political texts, alongside her 70 novels.


The Rastoin family is a known family in Marseille, which benefited from the rise of the oil industry at the end of the 19th century. The first Rastoin oil mill was founded in 1882. L’Huilerie Nouvelle would form Unipol in the 1960s. Edouard Rastoin became presidents of the Marseille Chamber of Commerce: Émile Rastoin in 1923 and Édouard Rastoin became president of the Marseille Chamber of Commerce in 1951.

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