Original, Oil on Wood, Painting, Adolf Schleicher, Signed, Acrobat with Horse


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Original Painting
Oil on Wood
Adolf Schleicher
Equestrian Acrobat with Horse
Signed by the Artist with AS
with original Frame
Frame: 55cm x 46cm
Painting: 36cm x 47cm
Adolf Schleicher (1887 – 1982) was a German painter and art educator with his own school. 
Schleicher, who was born in Cologne, first did a banking apprenticeship that he disliked. A nervous breakdown in 1914 was followed by a long stay in a sanatorium on Lake Garda, where he was able to devote himself intensively to painting. He received private artistic training from the painter Wilhelm Eckstein in Düsseldorf. Since 1926, Schleicher lived in the house he built – now a listed building – on Schleichersteig in Icking in the Isar Valley. In addition to his artistic work, he was the founder of the “Ickinger Sunday Talks”. His grave is in the Ickinger Waldfriedhof.