RARE! 1907, Heinrich Mann, Zwischen den Rassen, First Edition


Zwischen den Rassen is a seduction novel by Heinrich Mann, begun in 1905 and published in May 1907. The young Lola Gabriel with the trained alto voice loves the very reserved German Arnold Acton. But the sensual blonde girl falls for the gambler Count Pardi from Florence. Her marriage to him fails and the disillusioned young woman finds her way back to her first love. Heinrich Mann’s mother was the Brazilian Julia da Silva. In addition, a Mr. da Silva appears briefly as a minor character in the novel. The author uses the term race not ideologically, but phenotypically. Lola says of herself that she has “both races” in her, the Germanic and the Latin. So, in a phenotypic sense, she observes traits in herself. She got the temperament from her Latin American mother and the depth from her father.

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Heinrich Mann

Zwischen den Rassen – Between the Races


Published by Langen Verlag München in 1907

First Edition

Original Linen Binding

Name entry on the first sheet

Pages 577, Large 8vo

18,5cm x 12,5cm (approx. 7,4inch. x 5inch.)

Luiz Heinrich Mann (1871 – 1950), best known as simply Heinrich Mann, was a German writer known for his socio-political novels. From 1930 until 1933, he was president of the fine poetry division of the Prussian Academy of Arts. His fierce criticism of the growing Fascism and Nazism forced him to flee Germany after the Nazis came to power during 1933. He was the elder brother of writer Thomas Mann.

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