Rare! WW2, 1943, Greece, Concert Program, During Occupation, Theatre Kotopouli, Rosalia Chladek


Very Scarce and rarely found in commerce for sale!

Due to the lack of paper and the other publishing difficulties, the theatre or concert  programs were simple and often consisted of only one sheet.

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Kotopouli Theatre

Athens, Greece

Performance day 21th October 1943

Dance by Rosalia Chladek

Multi folded Dance and Concert Program

In 3 Languages: German, Greek and Italian

Rosalia Chladek (Brno 1905 – Vienna 1995) was one of the most important representatives of European Contemporary Dance in the 20th century. To this day Contemporary Dance Education is taught based on her methods at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna) as well as at other international institutions.1

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German, Greek, Italian

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