SIGNED, 1923, Don Enrique Garcia de Herreros, Quatre Voyageurs Espagnols a Alexandrie d’Egypte, 1/500 Copies, Benjamin of Tudela, Ibn Jubayr, Pedro Tafur,


Scarce with Hand Signed dedication by the Author!

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Don Enrique Garcia de Herreros

Quatre Voyageurs Espagnols a Alexandrie d’Egypte 

Benjamin de Tudela 1166-71

Ibn Goubair 1183-85

Pero Tafur 1435-39

Ali bey el Abbassi (Domingo Badia) 1803-07


Published in Alexandria by Impr. par l’Ecole professionnelle des Freres,

pour la Societe Archeologique in 1923

Contemporary Half Leather Binding with original covers preserved.

Limited first edition, 500 printed, 10 with printed dedication, 490 copies numbered 11 to 500, Here:281.

Hand signed and dedicated by the author.

28cm x 19cm (approx. 11inch. x 7,5inch.)

195 Pages +

Benjamin of Tudela (fl. c. 12th century), also known as Benjamin ben Jonah, was a medieval Jewish traveler who visited Europe, Asia, and Africa in the twelfth century. His vivid descriptions of western Asia preceded those of Marco Polo by a hundred years. With his broad education and vast knowledge of languages, Benjamin of Tudela is a major figure in medieval geography and Jewish history.

Ibn Jubayr (1145–1217; Arabic: ابن جبير[2]), was an Arab geographer, traveler and poet from al-Andalus . His travel chronicle reports the pilgrimage he made to Mecca from 1183 to 1185, in the years preceding the Third Crusade. describing Saladin’s domains in Egypt and the Levant which he passed through on his way to Mecca. On his return journey, he passed through Christian Sicily, which had been recaptured from the Muslims only a century before, and he made several observations on the hybrid polyglot culture that flourished there.

Pedro Tafur (or Pero Tafur) (c. 1410 – c. 1484[1]) was a traveler, historian and writer from Castile (modern day Spain). Born in Córdoba, to a branch of the noble house of Guzmán. Tafur traveled across three continents during the years 1436 to 1439. During the voyage, he participated in various battles, visited shrines, and rendered diplomatic services for Juan II of Castile. He visited the Moroccan coast, southern France, the Holy Land, Egypt, Rhodes, Cyprus, Tenedos, Trebizond, Caffa, and Constantinople. He also visited the Sinai Peninsula, where he met Niccolò Da Conti, who shared with Tafur information about southeastern Asia. Before returning to Spain, Tafur crossed central Europe and Italy.

Domingo Francisco Jorge Badía y Leblich (1767–1818), better known by his pseudonym Ali Bey el Abbassi(Arabic: علي باي العباسي,), was a Spanish explorer, soldier, and spy in the early 19th century. He supported the French occupation of Spain and worked for the Bonapartist administration, but he is mainly known for his travels in North Africa and the Middle East. He witnessed the Saudi conquest of Mecca in 1807.


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