Signed, Fernand-Émile Beaucour, La campagne d’Egypte, 1798-1801, First Edition, 1983


The French campaign in Egypt and Syria (17981801) was campaign in the Ottoman territories of Egypt and Syria, executed by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Fernand Beaucour, (1921- 2005), was a historian, specialist in the history of the Empire and the French Revolution.


Fernand-Émile Beaucour

La campagne d’Egypte, 1798-1801

D’après les dessins inédits de Noël Dejuine, du 20e régiment de dragons


Levallois, Société de Sauvegarde du Château impérial de Pont-de-Briques, 1983

In-8 br., 228 pages

Signed and dedicated by the author

First Edition

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