Signed! The Moles, Jesus Torbado and Manuel Leguineche, First Edition, Melina Merkouri, Jules Dassin, Nancy Festinger


Signed and Inscribed to Melina Merkouri and Jules Dassin!


Nancy Festinger (1955-2012) was a  native New Yorker with published translations from French, Spanish and modern Provençal. She worked as Chief Interpreter in the federal court in Manhattan and was editor of Proteus, the newsletter of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators.


Jesus Torbado and Manuel Leguineche

The Moles

Translated in English by Nancy Festinger


Published by Secker and Warburg in London in 1981

Original Hard Binding with Dust Jacket

First Edition

8vo, Pages 226


About the book: In the years following 1939, when end of the Spanish Civil War was officially announced, many fighters, sympathisers and people in public positions with the legitimate Republican Government had to go into hiding to avoid Franco-fired repression. The impossibility of escaping death or running away meant that hiding was the only immediate option of survival for these people who were kept going in their places of imprisonment by the hope of being able to change the situation. The term “mole” describes them and was coined by the journalists Manuel Leguineche and Jesús Torbado, authors of the book Los topos (The Moles), published in 1977. This book narrates the experiences of 24 people who for years, and sometimes for decades, suffered darkness, repression and fear. Far from what had initially been thought, the situation that drove them to go into hiding in their own homes, in infamous holes or wedged between double walls, continued for thirty long years. Until, finally, in 1969, a document was published in Spain’s Official State Gazette, announcing the amnesty which pardoned the alleged crimes committed during the Civil War. However, some of them were so afraid they didn’t come out of their hiding places until Franco had died.



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