1817, Vienna Printing, Konstantinos Oikonomos ex Oikonomon, Grammatikon i Egkyklion Paidevmaton, Philological Gymnasium of Smyrna


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The Philological Gymnasium of Smyrna was a Greek educational institution in Smyrna during the period of the Neo-Hellenic Enlightenment in which Great Teachers of Nation taught and stirred the waters in the education of young people for over a decade in the cosmopolitan city. It was founded in 1803 and in 1809 it was renamed the Philological Gymnasium. It operated until June 16, 1819


Γραμματικών, ή Εγκυκλίων Παιδευμάτων  – Grammatikon i Egkyklion Paidevmaton     

Bιβλία Δ.                                                                                                                                                                         

Συνταχθέντα υπό Κωνσταντίνου Πρεσβυτέρου και Οικονόμου,                                                                     

Διδασκάλου της Φιλολογίας εις το Φιλολογικόν Γυμνάσιον της Σμύρνης,

Και πρώτου Ιεροκήρυκος των Εκκλησιών αυτής.


Grammatical or Encyclical Instruction

Books D. 

Written by Konstantinos Oikonomos,                                                                                             

Teacher of Philology at the Philological Gymnasium of Smyrna, and the First Preacher of its Churches

Tome I (A Second tome was never published!)

First Edition

Published by Publishing House of John Varth. Tzvekiou in Vienna in 1817

Contemporary  Half Leather Binding

8vo (18cm x 12cm)

Pages π’+516


Konstantinos Oikonomos (full name Konstantinos Oikonomos ex Oikonomon, 1780-1857) was a Greek scholar and representative of the Neo-Hellenic Enlightenment. With his pedagogical and writing activity, as well as his capacity as a preacher in important centers of Hellenism (Thessaloniki, Smyrna, Constantinople) and abroad (St. Petersburg, Berlin, Vienna) where he was repeatedly honored, he contributed to the formation of the modern Greek identity and strengthening the prestige of the Greek language and classical education abroad.


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