1933, Klaus Frieslander, Dovecotes of Mykonos, First Edition, Peristerones tis Mykonou


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The German Painter Klaus Frieslander was the first teacher of Panayiotis Tetsis, one of the most important Greek painters, an exponent of the post-impressionistic seascape tradition.

Dovecotes in Greece are known as Peristeriones. Such structures are very popular in the Cycladic islands particular in Mykonos and  Tinos, which has 1300 dovecotes. The systematic breeding of doves and pigeons as sources of meat and fertilizer was introduced by the Venetians

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Klaus Frieslander

Περιστερώνες της Μυκόνου

(Peristerones tis Mykonou)


Ἀθήνα, Ἑλληνικές Τέχνες, 1933

Ἕνα φύλλο μέ εἰσαγωγικό κείμενο καί 8 λυτές λιθογραφίες, χωρίς ἰδιαίτερο φύλλο τίτλου.

Ἀρχικά ἐξώφυλλα

Με ένα  εισαγωγικό κείμενο του Klaus Frieslander


Klaus Frieslander

Dovecotes of Mykonos


Athens, Hellenic Arts, 1933

One sheet with introductory text and 8 loose lithographs, without separate title page

Original covers

With an introductory Text by Klaus Frielander

28,5cm x 21cm (approx. 11,25inch. x 8,4inch.)

First Edition

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