1935, Andre Gide, Les Nouvelles Nourritures, First Edition, Nobel Laureate


Les Nouvelles Nourritures presents itself both as a story in continuity with and as a break with Les Nourritures Terrestres (The Fruits of the Earth) from 1897. While the previous work has the appearance of an ample travel diary where romance and poetry mingle according to the scents of the Orient with no other common thread than the sensory fluctuations of the narrator, this new story takes on a new dimension: the moral dimension.

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Andre Gide

Les Nouvelles Nourritures – Later Fruits


Published by Gallimard, Paris, 1935

In-8vo. 163 + 2 pages

Very Good condition.

Original Paper Binding

First Rare Edition

ca. 17cm x 11 cm (approx. 6,5inch. 4,25inch.)



André Paul Guillaume Gide (1869 – 1951) was a French author whose writings spanned a wide variety of styles and topics. He was awarded the 1947 Nobel Prize in Literature. Gide’s career ranged from his beginnings in the symbolist movement, to criticising imperialism between the two World Wars. The author of more than fifty books was described in his obituary in The New York Times as France’s greatest contemporary man of letters and  judged the greatest French writer of this century by the literary cognoscenti.

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