1938, WW2 Propaganda Book, Russlanddeutsche suchen eine Heimat, First Edition


With WWI, the situation changed for many subjects of German descent. A period of oppression began. During the Soviet Era, repression intensified and politically and ethnically motivated purges followed, in which at least 52,000 Russian-Germans were convicted and shot between 1937 and 1938 alone due to the German Operation order. By the end of 1941, around 900,000 were deported to Central Asia and Siberia.

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Dr. Walter Quiring

Russlanddeutsche suchen eine Heimat

Russian-Germans are looking for a Home


Published by Verlag Heinrich Schneider, Karlsruhe in 1938

Ex Libris:  Marine Ausrüstung und Reparaturbetrieb

der Deutschen Kriegsmarine in Salamis, Athens, Greece

Original Linen Hard Binding

Illustrated also with maps and many photos

Pages 194

23cm x 16cm (approx. 9,2inch. x 6,5inch.)

First Edition

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