1969, A. X. Tsitsa, I Ekklisia tis Kerkyras kata tin Latinokratia, First Edition, 500 Copies


The Frankokratia , also known as Latinokratia,  was the period in Greek history after the Fourth Crousade (1204), when a number of primarily French and Italian states were established by the Partitio terrarum imperii Romanae on the territory of the dissolved Byzantine Empire.

When the Latin empire (1204–61) was established at Constantinople, the Venetians received Corfu; but in 1214 the Greek Despotate of Epirus annexed the first Venetian colony, and a long period of Epirote, Sicilian, and Neapolitan-Angevin rule followed until 1386, when Corfu submitted voluntarily to the Venetian Republic until its end in 1797.



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Α. Χ. Τσιτσα

Η Εκκλησία της Κέρκυρας κατά την Λατινοκρατίαν 1267 – 1797

I Ekklisia tis Kerkyras kata tin Latinokratian


Α. Tsitsa

The Church of Corfu during the Latin Occupation 1267 – 1797


Printed in Corfu by Geromeriati Press in 500 Copies.

Contemporary Half Leather Binding

23cm x 16cm (approx. 9inch. x 6,5inch.)

First Edition

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