Georgios Vakirtzis, Original Lithograph Print, Odophragma Nr. 7, HAND SIGNED


Hand Signed

by Georgios Vakirtzis

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Beautiful Lithograph Print

Hand Signed

by Georgios Vakirtzis

Odophragma Nr. 7

Late 70’s

The Poster is glued on Cardboard

Dimmensions: 72 cm x 53 cmm

George Vakirtzis (1923 – 1988) was a Greek painter of the 20th century. He worked from an early age and from 1938 to 1940 he studied with Almaliotis, who taught him the art of giant posters. He entered the School of Fine Arts in 1939 and studied alongside Konstantinos Parthenis and Umberto Argyros. He then continued his studies on painting, engraving and graphics at the School of Fine Arts (École des Beaux-Arts) in Paris. From 1945 to 1964 he edited a number of posters for Greek cinema films. In 1949 he participated for the first time in a group exhibition, while in 1960 he organized the first of his fifteen solo exhibitions. Apart from Greece, his works were presented in exhibitions in the USA, Germany and Yugoslavia. He also designed covers for magazines, books and albums while authoring books on art. He died in Athens in 1988. A year after his death, the National Gallery commemorated Vakirtzis with a large retrospective exhibition. As an artist Vakirtzis focused on the human using elements from the giant poster, popular painting and expressionism to present works inspired by Greek history, politics and society.