Rare! 1895, Im Puppenparadies, Emma Biller, First Edition, Illustrations by Wilhelm Hoffmann


The Heinzelmännchen are a mythical race of creatures, appearing in a tale connected with the city of Cologne in Germany akin to gnomes, or elves.

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Emma Biller,

Im Puppenparadies

Eine Geschichte von den Heinzelmänchen – A story about the Heinzelmännchen 

für Kinder von sechs bis neun Jahren –for children aged six to nine


Illustrations by Wilhelm Hoffmann

With four color prints based on watercolors by Wilh. Hoffmann.

Published by Theinemann Verlag, Struttgart,  around 1895

Original Hard Binding with color illustration, mounted cover image and gilded spine

158 pages + advertisements

21cm x 15cm (approx. 8,5inch. x 6inch.)


Emma Wuttke-Biller (1833 – 1913) was a German writer. She mainly published literature for girls, short stories and novels as well as historical novels.


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