SIGNED, Alexander Philadelpheus, The Man Degenerated Ape, Impressions of a Gorilla


Alexander Philadelpheus (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Θ. Φιλαδελφεύς; 1866–1955) was a distinguished Greek archaeologist, historian, painter, writer and philosopher.


Alexander Philadelpheus

The Man Degenerated Ape

Notes and impressions of a gorilla, across the ancient and modern world

A completely revised English translation of the 3d French ed.

by Prof. Georg Biggott


The Cover of the book as well as the author’s portrait, the work of the sculptor and painter Fanis Sakellariou.

Printed by G. S. Christou, Athens in 1952

Original Paper Binding

First Edition

230 Pages

17cm x 12cm


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