SIGNED, 1972, Chronikon, GEORGIOS GRIVAS DIGENIS, EOKA, CYPRUS War of Independence against British Empire


This volume constitutes the EOKA FIGHT CHRONICLE in Cyprus. It includes its action in all events and a brief history of the most important events.
In this volume, I entered in more detail objects that I only mentioned in the Memoirs volume, such as Youth, organization and enlightenment of the people, armaments, etc.. They are understood, even the things before the militant action of the Organization and the way, as if I conceived this action, and how I organized and directed it. I preferred to register the events by Sectors, so as not to omit, if possible, any serious action, so that the magnitude of our effort can be seen, and that each sector can also be given the appropriate praise for its effort.

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Γεωργίου Γρίβα Διγενή

ΧΡΟΝΙΚΟΝ – Chronikon

Αγώνος ΕΟΚΑ

1955 – 1959


Georgios Grivas Digenis


EOKA Fight

1955 – 1959


First rare Edition Signed and Inscribed by Georgios Grivas Digenis

Published in Nicosia by I. G. Kasoulidis in 1972

Original Paper Wraps with slight signs of age and use

Pages: γ + 628 + 19 + θ

27cm x 20cm


Georgios Grivas (Greek: Γεώργιος Γρίβας; 1897 – 1974), also known by his nickname Digenis (Greek: Διγενής), was the Cypriot founder and leader of the Greek and Greek Cypriot paramilitary organisations Organization X (1942–1949), EOKA (1955–1959) and EOKA B (1971–1974). A specialist of guerilla and asymmetric warfare, he was one of the main actors in the Cypriot War of Independence, securing the independence of Cyprus against the British Empire. He died only six months prior to the 1974 Cypriot coup and subsequent Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

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