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The Exposition Universelle of 1867, better known in English as the 1867 Paris Exposition, was a world’s fair held in Paris, France, from 1 April to 3 November 1867. It was the second of ten major expositions held in the city between 1855 and 1937. A number of nations were represented at the fair. Following a decree of Emperor Napoleon III, the exposition was prepared as early as 1864, in the midst of the renovation of Paris, marking the culmination of the Second French Empire. Visitors included Tsar Alexander II of Russia, a brother of King William and Otto von Bismarck of Prussia, Prince Metternich and Franz Josef of Austria, Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz, and the Khedive of Egypt Isma’il.

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Souvenir De L’Exposition Universelle

Recueil De La Mission Evangelique

Parmi Les Istraelites


Par Franz Delitzsch, Proffeseur a Erlangen


Franz Delitzsch

Souvenir of the Paris Exposition 1867

Collection of the Evangelical Mission

Among the Israelites

Booklet with Original Paper wraps

20 Pages

Published by Imprimerie De Veuve Berger-Levrault, Rue de Juifs, Strasbourg


Franz Delitzsch (1813 – 1890) was a German Lutheran theologian and Hebraist. He wrote many commentaries on books of the Bible, Jewish antiquities, Biblical psychology, as well as a history of Jewish poetry, and works of Christian apologetics. Today, Delitzsch is best known for his translation of the New Testament into Hebrew (1877), and his series of commentaries on the Old Testament published with Carl Friedrich Keil.

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