SIGNED, Kiki Dimoula, Eranos Skepseon, First Edition


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Κική Δημουλά

Έρανος Σκέψεων – Eranos Skepseon

για την Ανέγερση Τίτλου υπέρ της Αστέγου αυτής Ομιλίας


Kiki Dimoula

Collection of Thoughts

for the Erection of a Title in Favor of this Homeless Speech


Published by Ikaros in Athens in 2009

Signed and Inscribed by the author

First Edition

Original Paper Binding

Pages 36 + 4

22cm x 17cm (approx. 8,75inch. x 6,75inch.)

Vasiliki “Kiki” Dimoula (née Radou; Greek: Κική Δημουλά; 1931 –  2020) was a Greek poet. She was the first female poet ever to be included in the prestigious French publisher Gallimard’s poetry series.

Eranos Skepseon is the text delivered by Kiki Dimoula to the Archaeological Society on January 26, 2009.

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