SIGNED, Zisimos Lorentzatos, Tribute to E. A. Blair, 1/400 Copies, First Edition


Essay by Zisimos Lorentzatos about Eric Arthur Blair who was born in 1903 in India.


Ζ΄ήσιμος Λορεντζάτος

Φόρος τιμής στον E.A. BLAIR – Foros Timis ston E.A. Blair

Το βιβλίο αυτό με εξώφυλλο χειροποίητο Gunny Ινδιών

τυπώθηκε στην Αθήνα το 1989 σε τετρακόσια αντίτυπα που δεν προορίζονται για το εμπόριο.


Zisimos Lorentzatos

Tribute to E. A. BLAIR

This book with a handmade Gunny India cover

was published in Athens in 1989 in four hundred copies not intended for the commerce

Here Copy: 194

Published by Domos Athens in 1989

28cm x 19 cm (approx. 11inch. x 7,5inch.)

Pages 44

Uncut Copy

First Edition



Zisimos Lorentzatos (1915-2004) was a writer and literary critic. He was born in Athens in 1915 and the son of the populist professor of the University of Athens, Panagis Lorentzatos (1872 – 1941). He studied, without obtaining a degree, at the Philosophical School of Athens. Lorentzatos was honored in 1988 with the First State Essay Prize, which he did not accept, while in 2001 he was honored with the Ouranis Foundation Award for his entire work.

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