1923, The Burning and the Last Days of Smyrna, Kostas Misailidis, I Katastrofi ke i teleftees meres tis Smirnis


The burning of Smyrna (Greek: Καταστροφή της Σμύρνης, Smyrna Catastrophe; Turkish: 1922 İzmir Yangını) destroyed much of the port city of Smyrna (modern İzmir, Turkey) in September 1922. Eyewitness reports state that the fire began on 13 September 1922[5] and lasted until it was largely extinguished on 22 September. It began four days after the Turkish military captured the city on 9 September, effectively ending the Greco-Turkish War, more than three years after the Greek landing of troops at Smyrna. Estimated Greek and Armenian deaths resulting from the fire range from 10,000 to 125,000.

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Κώστας Μισαηλίδης

Η Καταστροφή και οι τελευταίες μέρες της Σμύρνης

I Katastrophi ke i teleftees meres tis Smirnis


Kostas Misailidis

The Burning and the Last Days of Smyrna


Published in Athens in 1923

Rare Find with many photos about the cathastophe

Pages 45

19cm x 14,5cm

Original Paper Wraps

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