1924, Charles Müller, Cinq Mois aux Indes, De Bombay a Colombo, 1/25 Copies, First Edition


1/25 Copies on Pare D’Arche!

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Charles Müller

Cinq Mois aux Indes

De Bombay a Colombo


Published by H. Floury, Paris in 1924

Original Paper Binding

1/25 Copies on Paper d’Arches, here: Copy 17

Pages 318

26cm x 18cm (approx. 10,25 inch. x 7 inch.)

First Edition

In October 1910, Goloubew (a specialist in archaeological excavations in South Asia). the writer Charles Müller and other friends went on an expedition to India, where he studied the monastic complex of Ajantâ. On his return the following year, Goloubew used his archives with 1,500 photos to teach Indian art at the School of Oriental Languages at the Sorbonne, where he worked until the First World War. This material became the basis for the documentary photography department of the Musée Guimet in Paris, formed in 1920. The notes that Charles Muller took day by day during the trip make up this volume.



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