1944, SIGNED, Georgios Theotokas, Theatro, Theatre, First Edition


Theotokas became one of the main representatives of the “Generation of the ’30s“. After studying in Athens, Paris, and London, his first essay was Free Spirit (1929). This was followed by three novels before World War II: Argo (1936), The Demon (1938), and Leonís (1940). His first and most influential novel, Argo, dealt with the problems of young people growing up in difficult and turbulent times.


Γεώργιος Θεοτοκάς

Θέατρο – Theatro


Georgios Thetokas



Signed and Dedicated by Theotokas to Kostas (Greek Politician) and Lili Alevizatos

Published by Alfa I. Skazikis in Athens in 1944

Original Paper Binding

240 Pages



Yiorgos Theotokas (Greek: Γιώργος Θεοτοκάς), formally Georgios Theotokas (Γεώργιος Θεοτοκάς; 1905 – 1966), was a Greek novelist. He was born in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey).


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