1885, The Ionian Bank, Rules and Bye Laws, Ionian Islands, British Rule


The Ionian Bank was the first bank of issue in Greece. It had the sole right to issue banknotes in the Ionian islands from its establishment in 1839 and up until 1880.


The Ionian Bank Limited 

Rules and Bye Laws

For the Guidance of the Officers

Published in London by Spottiswoode & Co, Printers in 1885

Original Leather Binding

Pages 2+ 54

21,5cm x 13,5cm

First Edition


The Ionian Bank Limited was founded in London in 1839 to finance trade between the Ionian Islands, (a British protectorate) and Great Britain. After the cession to Greece of the islands in 1864, the Bank extended its operations to the rest of Greece and during the twentieth century to Egypt, Cyprus and Turkey.

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