A 2-Year Report – August 4, 1936 – 1938, IOANNIS METAXAS, GREECE, NF, First Edition


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Ο απολογισμός μιας διετίας : 4η Αυγούστου 

O Apologismos mias Dietias

1936 – 1938

Αθήναι: Τύποις “Πυρσού”, 1938


A 2-Year Report, August 4

1936 – 1938

Published in Athens by “Pyrsou” Press, 1938

4th August Regime of Ioannis Metaxas


Deputy Ministry  of Press 1938

Greek Language

Pages 338

First Edition

Very Fine Copy!

Original Paper Binding,

4vo, 28cm x 21cm

The term Regime of August 4th refers to the fascist dictatorial regime of Greece imposed by Ioannis Metaxas. It lasted from August 4, 1936, until the occupation of the country by German troops, in April 1941, three months after the death of Metaxas.

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