Rare! 1895, Greece, Imerologion tis Efimeridos ton Kyrion, One of the first Greek Women’s Journal, Kalliroi Parren


The first, feminist phase of the Greek women’s press is defined since 1887 with the appearance of The Ladie’s Journal in Athens. It is the long-term publishing venture of Kallirroi Parren and her collaborators. A few years later, in August of 1909,  under the same title a women’s magazine appeared in Istanbul published every fortnight by Chariklia P. Melandinou. The basic position of this magazine was that the woman must educate her spirit as well as her heart, which is developed and moralized in girls’ schools. There the daughter will be taught “how to materially and morally benefit parents, husband, children, siblings, society, state and country.


Ημερολόγιον της Εφημερίδος των Κυριών

Imerologion ton Kyrion

Διευθύντρια και Ιδιοκτήτρια – Καλλιρρόη Παρρέν

The Ladie’s Journal

Published and directed by Kalliroi Parren


Printed by Paraskevas Leonis In Athens, Greece in 1895

Original Paper Wraps

First Edition

Pages 229 + 12 Ads

17cm x 12cm (approx. 6,7inch. x 4,7inch.)

Kalliroi Parren (1861 – 1940) launched the feminist movement in Greece and was a journalist and writer in the late 19th and early 20th century. She founded the newspaper, Ephemeris ton Kyrion (Ladies’ Journal), in 1887. This was a publication run entirely by women and appeared initially as an 8 pg. weekly until 1908 when it changed to a bi-monthly that ran until early 1916.

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