SIGNED! 1969, Raph Uwechue, L’avenir du Biafra, Une Solution Nigeriane, First Edition


Signed and dedicated by the author!

About the book: The collapse of Biafra was a political failure which translated into a military failure. Nigeria’s numerous ethnic groups can only coexist in the future, within a Federation, by renouncing the struggle for central power. The author hopes that the foundations of a community enterprise will be established: a system where the head of the executive would represent the entire nation, a Senate, the interests of the States, a National Assembly, party politics. Africa has not acquired its definitive face: a greater knowledge of the continent can lead its inhabitants to desire a unification which could have Nigeria as its starting point, provided that it does not try to absorb its neighbours



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Raph Uwechue

L’avenir du Biafra – The Future of Biafra

Une Solution Nigeriane – A Nigerian Solution”


Published by Jeune Afrique Edition in 1969

First Edition

Original Soft Binding

Pages 164

21cm x 14cm (approx. 8,6inch. x 5,5inch.)


The Republic of Biafra was a state that declared its independence from Nigeria in 1967 under the leadership of the Igbo ethnic group. The state comprised the south-eastern part of Nigeria, including large oil reserves in the Niger Delta, and was recognised by four African states and Haiti. In the course of the Biafra War from 1967 to 1970, Biafra was reintegrated into Nigeria. The famine blockade imposed at that time shaped the image of the Biafra child as a symbol of malnutrition.

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