Signed, Lluis Roura, Numbered, Spain, Catalan Landscape, Lithograph, 1/10 Copies


Although Lluís Roura can be considered a self-taught painter, he studied drawing at La Llotja in Barcelona and received the advice of painters Fèlix Revello de Toro and Frederic Marés, not forgetting Joan de Palau, who initiated him into painting, at the time Roura was working at a farm, at the same time that Father Joan Prat was teaching him art history lessons.


Lluis Roura
Original Lithograph
Catalan Landscape
Hand Signed and Numbered
One out of 10 Copies. P.A. (Artists Proof)
52cm x 37cm
Lluís Roura is one of the most recognized Catalan painters both at home and internationally. His landscape oils, which capture the atmosphere of the land filtered through the particular sensitivity of the artist’s eye, have become classic works. His talent has extended to painting, illustration, sculpture and photography. He has exhibited in galleries and spaces around the world, and in 2017 he received the Creu de Sant Jordi, one of the highest distinctions awarded by the Catalan Government.

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