SIGNED! Nikos Lymperis, Gilles Du Bouchet, 1/64 Copies, Original Copper Engraving


One out of 65 Numbered Copies with an Original Hand Signed Copper Plate by Gilles du Bouchet.


Νίκος Λυμπέρης

Το Πετρωμένο Ποτάμι

Προμετωπίδα Gilles Du Bouchet

Nikos Lymberis

The Stony River

Frontispiece Gilles Du Bouchet

Διάττων 2002

Τυπώθηκαν 65 Αντίτυπα αριθμημένα από το 1 εώς το 65 σε χαρτί BFK RIVES με μία αυθεντική  και υπογεγραμμένη χαλκογραφία του Gilles Du Bouchet που τύπωσε στο Παρίσι ο Rene Taze. Εδώ ο αριθμός 43.

Published by Diatton in Athens in 2002

One out of 65 numbered Copies from 1 to 65 were printed on BFK RIVES paper with an original and signed Gilles Du Bouchet copper palte printed in Paris by Rene Taze. Here: Number 43.

Original Hard Binding in Near Fine Condition in Original Box.

Pages 45

25cm x 17cm (approx. 9,8 inch. x 6,75inch.)

First Edition

Gilles du Bouchet is a painter, engraver, illustrator.
His rigorous work is marked by the demands of minerals and space, but at a good distance from figuration. It enriches a tradition, renewed by moderns, from Paul Cézanne to Pierre Tal Coat, with a questioning of the sources and limits of the visible. The mobility and vibration of forms constitute the sensitive pathways. Gilles du Bouchet has long been an attentive reader of French and foreign poetry and has contributed to a number of artists’ books (Salah Stétié, Jean-Claude Schneider, and others).


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